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marriageSacrament of Marriage

For couples wishing to get married in St Anne's, they will need to make an appointment with one of our priests and give at least 3 months’ notice, which every couple marrying in any Catholic Church are required to give.

There are at least three forms that you need to get before going to meet the priest.

1. A recently issued copy of your Baptismal Certificate
2. A recently issued copy of your Confirmation Certificate
3Freedom to Marry Form - This form must be completed by Father, Mother, Brother or Sister of the party and states that they have never been married before.

*Baptism and Confirmation Certificates can be acquired from the Parish in which you recieved these Sacraments

These forms indicate that you are a full member of the Church, and that there is no record of you having been married previously in Church. Or in the event of your having been married, that the previous marriage ceased, normally when your spouse died.

For couples wishing to get married in another Parish but who are living in St Anne's Parish, they will need to get the Letter of Freedom form filled out by a member of their family and then return it to our office where will it will be signed.

Enquiries to Elaine McGuire - 01 2822277